This week we’ve had an exciting delivery arrive to the Music room. Some new beautiful ukuleles all the colours of the rainbow! The music room is much brighter and there have been so many exciting moments and songs played. We’ve had students teaching other students and I feel very lucky to see how talented our students are at BEPS and how quickly they take on new skills and make some incredible sounds.

Some apps & websites that are useful for students that own a ukulele are:


This is a free app that has a ukulele tuner in it that is simple to use, plus some it has other great tools such as a metronome & chord finder

Little Kids Rock

This is a free website which is made for kids. It has a huge list of songs and the chords & strum patterns for not only ukulele but guitar, bass, keyboard & drums.

Happy playing ūüôā

Yamaha ‘Off To A Great Start’ Grant

Last term students came together to learn the song ‘Sound of Silence’ by Dami Im and create a video to send to Yamaha as a part of our application for the¬† ‘Off To A Great Start’ Grant. As a result we were shortlisted down to the top 3 schools in Australia. Unfortunately we didn’t get the major $50,000 prize however we received a $2,000 prize to purchase new instruments for the school which was an absolutely fantastic result! Thank you to all of the students, teachers, parents & family members that gave so much enthusiasm, time and effort to support this project and thank you to Yamaha for providing us with a wonderful prize that will be so well used & appreciated!

Music Count Us In

This week Prep & 123 students have began to learn the song ‘Shine Together’ which is a song written and composed for Music Count Us In, a program that encourages schools to get together and sing. On 2nd of November this year around 600,000 kids from more than 2,500 schools will have¬†learnt, rehearsed and performed the same song, at the same time, right across Australia.¬†The students have really enjoyed¬†beginning to learn this catchy song and will have the opportunity to teach the other students the song in the coming weeks.

For students wanting to practice at home here is the link to the sing along video:

For more information about Music Count Us In click below.


Term 2 Choir news

Welcome back to Term 2! Both the choirs have started the term off by learning some new repertoire, while visiting the songs they learnt last term. This term we are looking forward to performing for the school at assemblies and more information will be sent home regarding this in the next week or so. Students should all have their own choir folders by now. The lyrics sheets will only be handed out if students bring their folders to rehearsals.

Image result for singing clipart free

In Junior Choir students are learning about the Italian vowels in singing and focusing on breathing exercises for warm ups. Below are the songs Junior Choir are starting this term. Click the title to download the lyrics sheet.


Truly Scrumptious

I Like the Flowers (Round)

In Senior Choir students are focusing exercises that prepare them for singing in parts. Students have been sharing their favorite warm ups and it has been so much fun learning from each other.

The songs we are starting this term include:

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Somewhere Only We Know Lyrics (Lily Allen version)

Senior Choir Rounds Sheet such as I’ve got an Uncle & One bottle of pop

Term One Music

This Term in Music students have explored Identity in many different ways.

Preps have explored the difference between their singing and speaking voices. They have enjoyed learning and performing songs such as People All Around the World and the Animal Boogie song. They have listened and moved to different styles of music and shown beat in different ways and have explored different instruments in the Music room.

In 123 classes, students have been focusing on developing their¬†ability to match pitch by playing musical games which focus on the solfege ‘so, la & mi’. They have become very good at listening and not being tricked by¬†the game ‘Poison Solami’ where they have to listen and only sing certain melodic patterns back to me.

They have also been exploring the musical element ‘timbre’ to create soundscapes for an image of the Merri Creek a special place for many children at BEPS. They experimented with instruments to communicate ideas and worked with others to bring the pictures to life. Students then listened back to their performances and had the opportunity to share what they saw, thought & wondered.

In 456 classes students continued to develop beat & rhythm by playing hand clapping games and working as a group as part of their warm ups.

They have also been focusing¬†on song writing and the ways songwriters tell stories. We began by looking at two songs about one story and discussed how the different song writers presented the story. Students brainstormed all of parts of their ‘identity’ and chose a focus for their song based on who they are. We then looked at how songs are structured and began to write our own songs. It has been such an exciting¬†way to start the year, and I hope that some of these wonderful songs will be shared at home and in our Arts/Literacy week later on this year.

Junior Choir

Today we had our first Junior Choir rehearsal for the year in the music room at lunch time. I was blown away at the number of smiling faces that came along and was even more blown away by the beautiful sound they created together.

The songs we sang were:

A Sailor Went to Disneyland

There’s a Gumtree growing on a hill

Naughty РMatilda the Musical 

Next week I will hand out lyrics for all of the songs. I look forward to next weeks rehearsal!


Senior Choir/Singing group

Today we held our second Senior choir/singing group rehearsal for the year and what a fun rehearsal it was! So much energy and great input from all the students that joined. This year we want to have a special stage name and we will be seeking as many opportunities to perform as possible. Whenever we begin a new song I will aim to post lyrics and a video to practice along with.

The songs we sang were:

‘I Let Her Go’

‘It’s A Hardknock Life’ – Annie


Backing track With singing

Backinging track Without singing


¬†This week while you’re practicing look at the words and think about how they can help us tell a story. Stand tall when you’re practicing to help support the high notes.

Busy Bees in Music

Last¬†week in Music, the Preps were¬†‘busy bees’.¬†They created melodies on the board for everyone to make buzzing noises to warm up their voices.

File 29-04-2016, 4 54 26 PM
They used their speaking voices and performed¬†actions for the rhyme ‘Here is the Beehive’

Here is the the Beehive
Where Are the Bees?
Hiding away where nobody sees
Watch as they come out of the hive
One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

They revisited the song ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ and played beat keeping games.¬†¬†They finished off the lesson by creating a beautiful garden¬†where bees could live while listening to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. Look at this group working so cooperatively.




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